UNIXhelp project team

Graeme Wood
Graeme has taken over responsibility for monitoring the UNIXhelp project since Gavin has changed roles within the University. No active development of the product is taking place but he is thinking of perhaps working on it in his spare time. Comments should be sent to the developer for UNIXhelp.
Gavin Inglis
prepared releases 1.2 and 1.3 of UNIXhelp, including search scripts and icons.
Keith Farvis
was the manager of the UNIXhelp project since release 1.1 until the 1.3 release.

John Smith
is the original author of UNIXhelp and wrote all material which is not attributed elsewhere. He also hyperlinked the original text and produced all releases up to 1.1.
Bob McGonigle
managed the project from its beginnings through to release 1.1.

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